Here's some history of odd eye cat:In 1917, the government of Turkey, in conjunction with the Ankara Zoo, began a meticulous breeding program to preserve and protect pure white Turkish Angora cats with blue and amber eyes, a program that continues today, as they are considered a national treasure. The zoo specifically prized the odd-eyed Angoras that had one blue eye and one amber eye, as the Turkish folklore suggests that "the eyes must be as green as the lake and as blue as the sky."Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the Republic of Turkey in 1923, declared that his successor would be bitten on the ankle by an odd-eyed white cat. This prediction dramatically increased the interest in odd-eyed white cats in Turkey.Muhammad's pet, Muezza, was reputed to be an odd-eyed cat.In Japan, odd-eyed Japanese Bobtails are very popular and can carry a high price tag.
Nama: AKOO (Ahmad Khosairi)
Lahir: 14 Jun 2009
Beli: Daripada Cik Intan Liyana (Sepang)
Warna: Pure white
Breed: Persian semi-long hair


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